Safety in Our School: FAQs

Student safety is a top priority at Moran Prairie Elementary. During the fall of 2014, the PTG offered volunteers special safety training sessions, featuring the video, “After Lockdown: The Pivotal Moments.” This video reviewed how to prepare for and react to a shooter or other violent incident in the school.

Below is a list of questions that were frequently asked during the sessions. Please keep this important information in mind as you volunteer in our school:

Who has had the training? The entire staff, all volunteer coordinators, and many volunteers have had the training.

When the threat is over how do we know it is the police who is telling us it’s all clear? You may ask them to show their ID under the door if you are not sure. You most likely will know by the questions they are asking.

Who can initiate a lockdown? Any teacher or staff member may notify the office to pull the lockdown alarm.

After a lockdown is activated in an emergency situation, how will we be notified?  Most likely you will be notified by SPS School District officials, either by phone, text or e-mail.

Where do we meet our kids?  Currently, our meeting place is the church located just west of the corner of 57th and Freya.

How are the authorities notified that we are in lockdown? After the lockdown alarm is pulled, the district is automatically notified and the sheriff’s department and or fire department will respond.

What happens inside the building during a lockdown? The classroom doors and locked and the teachers make sure their students are accounted for and in a safe place in the classroom.  Depending upon the situation, the teachers may be planning a way to get the children out of the school safely.

Do we have a protocol?  We are currently working on a protocol.

How many lock down drills do we have per year?  Spokane schools are required to conduct a minimum of nine emergency drills each year; three fire drills, one off-site evacuation drill, one shelter in place drill (an extended lockdown) and four lockdown drills.

What happens if we are on the playground during a lockdown?  The teacher will account for all students and get off the campus quickly and safely.

Does each classroom have a place to hide? A plan to evacuate? Each classroom has a safe place to hide.  Ask your child’s teacher where this is, and what their plan is for emergency evacuation so that you may know if you are in the classroom during such an event.  You may be instrumental in the evacuation process.

What do we tell our children? Each child is different.  Use age appropriate dialogue to communicate possible reasons for lockdown and/or evacuation.

Isn’t this training mandated by the state for the district? Not yet.