What is the PTG? And who is a member?

PTG stands for Parent Teacher Group and includes all parents/guardians of Moran Prairie students as members, along with teachers and staff from Moran Prairie. The PTG facilitates parent involvement and supports the teachers and students at Moran Prairie through student enrichment, after school activities for students, monthly events for families, fundraising and special projects, (e.g., playground expansion or technology updates).

What is our mission?

To promote opportunities that will enrich the educational experiences of all students by sponsoring activities and resources that will enhance the students’ physical, mental, and social education while providing communication and support between the parents and teachers.

What things does the PTG support?

The PTG works closely with Ms. Hellenthal and our teachers to determine what needs we can help with. At PTG general meetings, we vote on proposed expenses and our budget to ensure funds are supporting our mission and Moran Prairie Elementary

How is the PTG funded?

Membership in PTG is free, we do not collect dues. Our PTG is primarily funded by our annual fundraiser: the Prairie Dog Dash. The Prairie Dog Dash includes all of our students and teachers (parents are welcome to attend, too!) in a fun run held during school. In addition, the Book Fair helps our library add new materials for our students to enjoy.

What happens at a PTG meeting?

At each meeting, parents hear from our principal, Ms. Hellenthal, about key events at both Moran Prairie and around the district. We discuss upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the PTG budget. We also highlight special topics that are particularly relevant to our parents, such as online safety, and resources available to families.